Wheelie Common Taters

Team Size: 2

TEAM TOTAL: $2,575.00

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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Wheelie Common Taters

Suzy and Brad are riding 50 miles for the cure! Please support us by clicking on the green donate button

We would love to have you on our team! We have both committed to riding 50 miles this year. If you join our team, you can ride whatever distance you feel comfortable riding - but it would be awesome to have a large group! Another option is to be a "Virtual Rider" on our team. This status means you won't ride the day of the event, but you have all the fund raising tools available to you and your minimum commitment level is lower.

How far will you go for the cure? The bottom line is that cancer research leads to new treatments and more cures. This is what VeloSano is all about. It’s a bike ride but more importantly it’s a fundraiser. What makes VeloSano unique is that every dollar we raise is applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

By donating to our Team you will help us meet our fundraising goal and together we will make a significant impact improving cancer outcomes through innovative research

To donate to our Team - Click the green donate button

Thank you for supporting our Team. Thank you for supporting VeloSano and cancer research. Every dollar makes a difference.

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