Cleveland Clinic: Fairview Hospital

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TEAM TOTAL: $12,253.74

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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Cleveland Clinic: Fairview Hospital

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As a Rider you can choose from one day ride options ranging from 12 to 100-miles and a Two-Day, 200+ mile ride. Each route starts and finishes in downtown Cleveland and all are fully supported with rest stops, support-and-gear vehicles and much more.
• Click on the “Join Our Team” button on the right side of the page.
• Follow the instructions to register, choose a distance and join the team.
• To support our Riders we are providing a complimentary registration fee up to $125 for the first 15 Riders who register!  Please contact Janet Graff at to obtain the necessary code to use when you register to ride.
• In addition to the VeloSano event jersey Riders receive with registration, Riders on our team will also receive a free Cleveland Clinic team jersey. The first 15 Riders who register by May 9 will receive a Cleveland Clinic jersey with the Fairview Hospital logo! 


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• Select the green button “Donate to Team”. 
• Virtual Riders do not count toward our team total so please donate to a specific rider or the team



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