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TEAM TOTAL: $15,043.16

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VeloSano 5 (2018)

We rode for Tony.
We rode for Tony.

Tony's Crew

Dr. Anthony Thomas successfully rode the 25-mile course in the 2017 Velosano Bike-To-Cure, and three months later, we lost him to cancer. Shortly after, we made a pledge to ride the Velosano in Tony's memory. 

Yesterday, members of our team rode both the 50 and 25 mile courses to the finish. Afterward, we gathered with our families to celebrate our achievement, and honor Tony's legacy.

But a more meaningful achievement is the loving generosity of those who supported us with donations and warm wishes for success. Because of that support, we are exceeding our team goal to fund the cancer research that will reduce the impact of this disease on us, our families and friends.

Our mission is not yet over -- we have through October of this year to continue raising critically needed dollars to battle a disease whose end is in our crosshairs.

If you have contributed to our cause and Tony's memory, I cannot fully articulate our team's gratefulness. If you have not yet donated to Velosano, please consider it as gesture of hope and faith in our cause, and as a gift to honor the memory of a man whose healing hands touched so many lives.

Warm regards,
John Thomas, Captain
on behalf of Tony's Crew

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