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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Tony Thomas, finishing the 25-mile Velosano in 2017
Tony Thomas, finishing the 25-mile Velosano in 2017

Tony's Crew

Last November, just a few months after my brother, Tony, rode the 25-mile course in the 2017 Velosano Bike-To-Cure, we lost him to cancer. I had promised to ride with him in 2018, and in a way, I still am... I will be riding his bike in the 50 mile challenge.

Our team, so far, represents his family - brother, daughters, nieces, sons-in-law - but in spirit, we represent the thousands of people that this man touched, treated, cured and loved throughout his personal and professional life. We are riding to honor his memory, and to raise funds to fight the disease that takes many of us and those whom we love, all too soon. 

Perhaps to honor those you have known and loved who were touched by this disease, you will consider joining our team, to ride with us on July 21 at the Cleveland Velosano.

If you're a casual or serious bike rider, whether for fun or fitness -- no matter what type of bike you bring -- please consider joining Tony's Crew. You can go 12 miles or 25, 50, 75, 100 -- or be a "virtual rider" and not even be in Cleveland! There are even stationary bikes near the course so you can pedal in place for a couple of hours. Go to the link below and click the blue "join a team" button, then choose Tony's Crew.

Because new cancer treatments and cures aren't possible without funded research, when you join, you will be expected to commit to a certain fundraising goal -- and the team will help you reach it. You will also need to ask your friends and family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors to support your Velosano ride, just like the almost 2000 riders last year, who raised over four million dollars, with 100% applied to cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic.

I hope you will join our team in the 2018 Velosano, or at least consider a donation in support of our goal. Every dollar we raise and mile we ride, will fund the research that shortens the road to a cure.

Warm regards,

John Thomas,

Captain, Tony's Crew




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