Wheeling for Healing

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TEAM TOTAL: $40,181.00

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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Wheeling for Healing


Team Wheeling For Healing is proud to be riding in our third VeloSano (Latin for “swift cure”) cancer fundraiser this summer. Our team is excited to make a difference in the fight to cure cancer. Every dollar that we raise goes directly to life saving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

The fun part is that we get to ride our bikes with a community of people rallied around the same cause. The special part - our efforts make a difference - and it feels really good to make a positive difference in the fight to cure cancer. In just four years, VeloSano participants have raised over $12 million for cancer research and those dollars are already at work. 

To donate to our team - click on the DONATE button. To join our tem - click on the JOIN OUR TEAM button.

Team Wheeling For Healing is looking forward to a fun and memorable weekend in July and to raise a lot of money along the way.

Bike to cure!

Craig Manchen

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