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VeloSano 5 (2018)

robots and pencils
robots and pencils

Robots & Pencils

Team Robots and Pencils, formerly KINETiQ DIGITAL has re-committed to Velosano for 2017.  Last year we raised over $50,000 and look to exceed $100,000 this year!


How far will you go for the cure?  The bottom line is that cancer research leads to new treatments and more cures. This is what VeloSano is all about. It’s a bike ride but more importantly it’s a fundraiser. What makes VeloSano unique is that every dollar we raise is applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. 

It starts here…We need your help. Please donate to our Team or one of our Team Members today!

  • To donate to our Team:  Donating to our team doesn't force you to choose a favorite...we'll allocate the funds out to help each of the team members meet their goal - Click the green donate button
  • To donate to an individual Rider – because you do have a favorite, click on their name in the Team Roster below.


Thank you for supporting our Team. Thank you for supporting VeloSano and cancer research. Every dollar makes a difference. 

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