Cleveland Clinic: CC Ventures (Innovations-Ventures-Investments)

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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Cleveland Clinic: CC Ventures (Innovations-Ventures-Investments)

Supporting Investments,Ventures, and Innovations!  While our teams are not typically interacting with patients each day, we know that the full support of the Clinic is aligned with Patents First.  Cleveland Clinic's investments, new ideas, and new technologies support the care and quality of life for many of Cleveland Clinic's patients and caregivers, and that includes new cancer technologies.  The bottom line is that cancer research leads to new treatments and more cures. This is what VeloSano is all about. It’s a bike ride but more importantly it’s a fundraiser. What makes VeloSano unique is that every dollar we raise is applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

By donating to our Team you will help us meet our fundraising goal and together we will make a significant impact improving cancer outcomes through innovative research 

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Thank you for supporting the IVI (Investment, Ventures, Innovations) "CC Ventures" Team. Thank you for supporting VeloSano and cancer research. Every dollar makes a difference.

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