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VeloSano 5 (2018)

Flying Frank

And so bgins our 5th year with Velosano.  We've had so many great memories in past years that we can't wait to see what this year will bring us!

Year 1 blew our minds.  Signing up for this ride we couldn't of predicted the crazy amount of support we received from everyone.  On velosano weekend our family, caravaned the entire trip along with us, cheering like crazy.  We felt like celebrities.  A few of our biking friends even met up with us and officially became the Flying Frank Freeloaders.  The absolute best part was seeing our dad's face at that finish line and having him beaming, smiling from ear to ear.

Year 2 started shaky but didn't necessarily disappoint.  A week before registration our dad had passed away from his pancreatic cancer, which was a awful way to start the year.  As the year progressed, we learned that two of our biking friends (one of which was a freeloader from year 1) signed up for velosano too!  We were so excited to share the experience with them, as we had absolutly loved year 1.  Velosano weekend came and as the previous year showed us, our family, yet again, was there the entire way.  Robbie and I were blown away.  It was a hot weekend.  SWELTERING hot weekend.  Them being at the rest stops made the unbearable ride that much better.   

Year 3.  A year where we added a good 30+ miles to our ride and completed 206 miles.  Thankfully we were blessed with good weather this year, if only we could have eliminated some of those hills!  Our Flying Frank cheer group and Freeloaders we're back again to join us in our journey and it was so special.  All the support we receive from every single one of you is without a doubt the biggest blessing we've ever received.

Year 4.  We allmade it, yes all of us.  We had two more people on Flying Frank, Kylie and Andy.  They did amazing, it was great to see more people on our team.  But they got to take off in nice weather while the long distance people had to go off in cold rain.  But, cheer squad was out in full force.  All the way down to Orrville, it was amazing. 

Flying Frank Forever - 05.13.50-01.12.15

VeloSano is more than a fundraising event.  It’s more than simply a bike ride. VeloSano is a movement with the goal of bringing an entire community together to help one another.  Together, our team has joined the movement to raise money for the cause.  100% of the money we raise will support lifesaving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.  The goal is to bring sustainable funding to cancer research by enlisting the passion and energy of thousands of people who wish to give back…including YOU!  

Thank you for your support!  Please donate to one of our Team Members today!

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