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VeloSano 4 (2017)




Help Travis fight back Cancer:





Travis was diagnosed with cancer back in the beginning of August year 2016. Doctors told him if he was not treated with Chemo within 2 weeks right after his diagnose it probably was going to be to late to save him then.


Couple weeks later the results from his scans and blood works identified that he has the extragonadal mediastinal germ cell cancer. So many aggressive Chemo treatments were given to him every 2-3 weeks. So far he had about 8 chemo treatments and one stem cell regiment.


We all can imagine how his life and his family have changed dramatically after the beginning of August 2016. Travis is an active young man who has just turn 33 last September. He is very active at his home church, Trinity Fellowship Church in Boardman Ohio. He serves as an Elder and plays a Ukelele in the Worship band. He and his wife Heather also lead and teach youth class on every sunday. Travis loves to cook and play balls with his boys, 4 and 6 years old. Travis loves to take his wife out gofting whenever he can. Travis also a compasionate and hard working engineer at Vallourec in Youngstown.


We all can probably sense how much gratitude Travis and Heather have for the Cleveland Clinics and for this VeloSano event in addition to Heather's passion in Spanish as a Spanish teacher at Poland Seminary High School. VeloSano is a Spanish word meaning "Swift cure".


In honor of Travis and his brave heart fighting for Cancer, please come out and join us on giving back to our community by participating on this event. If you don't have a bike to ride, you can participate us by becoming a virtual Rider. Please come out to show our support and how much we care for one another.


Here is how:


Let see how far will you go for the cure?  The bottom line is that cancer research leads to new treatments and more cures. This is what VeloSano is all about. It’s a bike ride but more importantly it’s a fundraiser. What makes VeloSano unique is that every dollar we raise is applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

By donating to our Team you will help us meet our fundraising goal and together we will make a significant impact improving cancer outcomes through innovative research 

  • To donate to our Team - Click the green donate button
  • To donate to an individual Rider – click on their name in the Team Roster below.

Thank you for supporting our Team. Thank you for supporting VeloSano and cancer research. Every dollar makes a difference.

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