Kick Some Carcinoid

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VeloSano 4 (2017)

Kick Some Carcinoid

All In Together!

So-called experts said that the Cavs could never overcome a 3-game deficit to beat Golden State.  Cleveland proved them wrong!  They did it with team work, 100% effort, grit and determination.

Too many people are battling rare and aggressive cancers alone.  They need teammates - someone to help fund the clinical trials so desperately needed.  YOU ARE THE HELP THEY NEED!

It doesn't matter if you're not a pro rider or hdon't have a "216" area code.  If you hate Cancer - If you believe in the underdog - This is our Team!  Join us!


The bottom line is that cancer research leads to new treatments and more cures.  What makes VeloSano unique is that every dollar we raise is applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

By donating to our Team you will help us meet our fundraising goal and together we will make a significant impact improving cancer outcomes through innovative research 

  • To donate to our Team - Click the green donate button
  • To donate to an individual Rider – click on their name in the Team Roster below.

We can do this.  All In Together!

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