Sweet Serenade

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VeloSano 4 (2017)

Sweet Serenade

Over the last year, we have been raising money for charity bike rides through song! Should they wish (and we hope they do), each of our donors who contributes $25 or more can request a song for us to perform via Youtube video :) Thus far, we have covered the musical gamut including folk, classical, jazz, 80s, 90s, hip-hop, children songs, and even the Star Spangled Banner. We want each of our donors to know how much we appreciate them and we hope that you, too, will consider donating to our team and receiving your own "Sweet Serenade". Let us know what song you would like to see performed by emailing us at: SweetSerenade2017@gmail.com .

Previous Sweet Serenade song requests can be found on our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8i_w8zOhFzlgjgA1PQuOjQ

You can also get behind-the-scenes looks at our cover songs/training updates/pretty pictures from our rides around Cleveland at our Instagram page: @Covers4aCause

Thank you to our donors:

Rachel McKelvey

Maryjo Flynn

Suzi & Matt Piskur

Chris Luehrmann

Katie & Kevin Potts

Cheryl, Kevin & Ryan Weidenweber

Mike & Patti Cox

Steve, Jana, & Jadyn Champagne

Gemma Potts

Jeanette McGee

Julia Sweet

Julia Abell

Ryan Gimple

Kristi Phillips

Kat Wiesenhahn

Toni Gimple

Molly Shaw

Kristy & Joe Short

Crista Moeller

Leslie & Todd Ray


Jim & Kathy Malone

Lisa & Pat Nolan

"Your Biggest Fan :)"

Whitney Miller

Sharon Taylor

Laurie Morton

Kelley Gifford

Lauren Coatoam

Christine Grapo

Vicky Burgess

Kay & Ken Kollsmith

Andrew & Cassie Morton

Erin Matheson

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