Cleveland Clinic: Make it Rain

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VeloSano 4 (2017)

Make it Rain to Make it Stop!
Make it Rain to Make it Stop!

Cleveland Clinic: Make it Rain

Team Make it Rain,

We are only 40 days from our "Back to the 80's" Party Team Fundraiser. We have so much to do! Here are some updates:

- Our goal this year is to increase our ridership. We are currently at 32 riders, which is fantastic! Thanks to all of you that have signed up so far. Those of you that haven't signed up yet, as Arnold might say, "DO IT NOW!"

- Please be advocating constantly for VeloSano and recruiting new team members. Our goal is to get to 75 riders and raise $100,000. We can do this! Help people over their fears of signing up- we have a great team in place that will help them every step of the way.

- To provide a recruitment incentive, we will give a $50 fundraising credit to your fundraising page for every new rider you bring to the team. This is in addition to the $25 credit on your registration fee given by VeloSano.

- Promote the 80's Party! This is an important team fundraiser on April 21 where we will raise a lot of money for our team and have a great time doing so. Activate your network and invite friends and family! Tickets are available at Tickets are $60 on-line and increase to $70 at the door, so please buy now and encourage others to do the same. A huge thank you to Host Committee members Paul Cseplo, Nate Botos, Mike Rudolph, Christina Hein, Cara Nething, Alicia Switzer and Emily Perry.

- We are looking for donations for our Silent Auction at the "Back to the 80's" Party - if you have any connections that would donate an item or package of items, please let us know! We will give a $25 fundraising credit for each $100 of value you bring in for the auction.

- If you know any companies willing to sponsor the 80's party at the $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000 level, we will offer a $100 fundraising credit for any sponsor you bring in. Please let me know and I am happy to forward our sponsorship one-pager for you to share with an interested company.

- We are able to offer these innovative fundraising incentives because of the team funds we'll raise at our 80's Party and also our "Tee it Up" golf outing in August. The website for the golf outing can be found here We will have more details as we get closer, but a huge shout out to Vicky Newman and Mike Simoniello for creating the golf outing.

- OK - back to riding- Gregg Simpson will be running point on training rides this year- look for information from him in the coming weeks. Starting in April, we will have weekly training rides at all different distances to help people get ready for VeloSano weekend.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Make it Rain to Make it Stop!


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