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Harboring HopeSM Fund:

Supporting a Second Chance for Children


Harboring HopeThe Cleveland Clinic Harboring HopeSM Fund offers childless couples who have failed one cycle of IVF at Cleveland Clinic another opportunity to add children to their family.

About one in six couples has difficulty having a child without medical intervention. So if you or someone you love has had difficulty conceiving, you are not alone. Problems can and do occur. It’s understandable. The human reproductive system is incredibly intricate.

But there is hope. 

In vitro fertilization (IVF), for example, is highly successful after failed medical or surgical treatment for tubal disease or severe male factor infertility. IVF is costly, however, and even couples with the best chance of success may require more than one cycle. Insurance covers IVF treatments for just 20 percent of patients. So when a failed first attempt at   IVF strains a couple’s finances, they may be tempted to give up.

The goal of Harboring HopeSM is to provide grants for a second cycle of IVF to as many couples as possible.

Harboring HopeSM seeks support from people who understand the richness that completing a family through infertility treatment can bring to a couple’s life. We invite you to extend a helping hand to another childless couple.

We ask you to consider an opportunity to “pay it forward” and create a personal fundraising page or make a donation.

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