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Running of the Gnomes 2017


Please see 2018's page for the 9th Annual Gnome Run:







Running of the Gnomes is Back for it’s 8th Year!


The “small” run will be held again October 14th, 2017 at 7pm EST(New York Time for overseas friends) /4pm PST on Scarlet Crusade-US.


7pm is race start time, so show up early, get a guild invite to one of our several guilds to help us headcount gnomes and meet all your fellow gnomies! Be sure to bring your S.E.L.F.I.E camera!


What is this?

Running of the Gnomes will benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that is currently in the early stages of human clinical trials. If the drug is successful, it could be the end of breast cancer.

Not only do we want to benefit a charity that we love; but we want to encourage the members of our community (no matter their gender) get screened for Breast Cancer. We also want to take the chance to show a whole lot of love to the people in the community who are currently sick, or who have family members who are sick or who have lost someone to the disease.

Last alone year we had 2,860+ Gnomes, and raised $5,500.

This year our starting goal is $4,000!


Why Gnomes?

The whole idea was to raise money for breast cancer, and Gnomes were one of the few races with pink hair making it easy for everyone to rock the pink look on a low level character, and the idea of small change and a small gnomes doing big things was appealing.


This sounds like fun, how do I participate?

Easy! Roll a Gnome on Scarlet Crusade, give it pink hair, give it a cute or funny name. Just not something you’ll get reported for!

On the day of the event for the few hours before the event starts, myself, and friends will give you an invite to one of our few “Racing Guilds” Show up early,, and hang out with people waiting for the event! We’ll put out announcements on our social media to let you guys know when we’re Inviting.

Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around to getting a headcount. There will not be raids, or parties. There’s too many of you for me to even think about setting this up!


There's also a Micro-Holiday!

This year, an in game Micro-Holiday in World of Warcraft, The Great Gnomeregan Run will be something that you can access from any server. It is also on October 14th!  While the Micro-Holiday was inspired by our event and follows our race course, the Micro-Holiday in World of Warcraft isn’t exactly about our charity, the spirit is there. However, our actual charity event will still only be on Scarlet Crusade.

They used our race course, and we’ll be following it exactly! You can preview it here, it it’s incomplete PTR state thanks to Wowhead’s hard work! https://youtu.be/aqqwlJOl9DA



What's this about an after party?

Every year once the run is done, we release the Gnomes and they’ll take a trip across the sea to run up from Ratchet to Orgrimmar, and go give kisses or lick Saurfang.


You mentioned small change?

The very first year when we expected it to be only friends and guildies we asked guild members and other participants to donate based upon the number of Gnomes who showed up, in small change amounts. For example, people would pledge that for every Gnome that attended they would donate a penny, nickle, or dime.

Some people now donate whatever they can, but some people still donate this way, and it’s fun to see just how many Gnomes we have! A few hours after the run, I’ll let you know how many Gnomes and escorts ran with us, and post it online.

You don’t have to donate if you participate, but you’re free to donate if you’d like! Plus, coming does help raise the amount that some people will chip in!

Why Breast Cancer? So many people do this. There's a ton of other charities. 

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. We understand we’re sugar coating something devastating for people with cute Gnomes to open up a conversation, but for a good reason. 

Everyone’s been affected by cancer of some form. Plus, we really realize that breast cancer isn’t just a woman’s issue. It affects our moms, our sisters, but also our dads, our brothers, our friends, guildies, coworkers, and many other people in our lives. It’s affected people that we really love in our community.

One of the worst parts is that all around us there are so many people playing the game who are so young who don’t even think about checking themselves or being right age to be going to go get their regular mammograms or are even putting them off for whatever reason.

We feel even if the pink hair and cute outfits or all these Gnomes remind just one single person to check themselves to get a mammogram or encourage that family member who hears or reads about this to go in to the doctor who’s been putting it off we’ve done our job for the year.

Plus it’s really hard to miss around thousands Gnomes doing anything, let alone thousands of Gnomes with the same colored hair stampeding through half a continent. Hopefully we do start discussions that save lives.


Is there a Hashtag?


We use one every year so people can see the collective pictures and videos! 



Back in 2009, Ska and I came up with the idea to turn SeeD of SC’s tabards pink for the month of October. It was a huge hit with our guild, and at the time, several other guilds on our server were doing similar things.

In 2010 we decided to put together a fun “little” run, with some friends and guildies where we would run from the starting area to the end, and play some games and then have a party at the end, and raise some money for charity. We expected at most 50 Gnomes. 140 people showed up from many different servers!

Every year, we turn our tabards pink, people roll new little Gnomes, in 2013 we had about 1,000 Gnomes show up, and raised $1,305.00! in 2014 over 1,300 Gnomes surpassing our $1,500 goal. 2016 saw more than 2,860 Gnomes and we raised $5,500 dollars.


Social Media:

Tumblr: runningofthegnomestumblr.com

Twitter: Warcraft Cares

Twitter: Dravvie

Facebook: Running of the Gnomes:

Hashtag: #GnomeRun2k17





What about Sharding?

I don't work for Blizzard so I can't give you that answer! But even if there’s sharding, at the very least a lot of Gnomes will likely be together, so it won’t matter. I know that Blizzard has been awesome in the past when it comes to trying do their very best to do what they can for the servers.  I trust them with this, and you should too. 

When should I show up?

Early. the run leaves at 7pm EST, so please arrive a bit early if you’re wanting a ginvite, as there will be a lot of people there. By a bit, I mean at least half an hour.

How do I get a tabard?

Since tabards became BoP in Legion, we have to get creative. 

If adorable tabards (they’re pink with a white heart) you need only run to Ironforge and purchase one, or better yet, if you have one, mail yourself the Account Bound guild tabard that you can get from the guild vendors such as Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and equip it.

I’ll be accepting donations of cloth on Scarlet Crusade, and crafting as many shirts as I can. I’ll also start farming cloth for this, but I still want to enjoy raiding and having a life. The concept of having a thousand or so shirts prepared for trading is a serious, and expensive, task. I cannot promise that I will have more than a few hundred at best. First come, first serve. 

Why Guilds?

Low levels (below level 10) cannot join raids. (Yes there might be a workaround script or there was, but we lack that level of cat herding skills.) 5-6 official guilds serves the purpose better, though not perfectly, of communicating where everyone is going, and how many people exactly we have.

Plus if you purchase a tabard, you have an instant cute outfit with a heart.

What about toys, pets and mounts?

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of you all in one place at once.  The more toys, pets, mounts you use, the worse it will be. Dismissing things like battle pets, while fun, will reduce lag and strain on people’s computers. Not summoning Yogg with the low level trinket heirloom tentacle trinkets will also prevent the server from crashing like one year.

Just like tons of spell effects will slow things down, tons of fun toys will slow down the server too, and it’s the last thing we want.

However it's not your job to yell at people to put them away. In fact, using /yell isn't helpful either.

The “Race” isn’t about who gets there first, and people who use the Heirloom Mounts tend to get jumped on by wild creatures as they get ahead of the pack. They also cause some lag as well when a ton of them are out.  They also leave the trial accounts who are awesome enough to show up way far behind.

If you wanted to ride a mount, the Riding Turtle is perfect for a low level character, as it’s fun but doesn’t get you there any faster.

I can’t tell you guys not to use any of these things, but let’s try to keep the server afloat!

Can you invite me cross server?

No. Please just roll a Gnome on the server:

The Gnomes are all very low levels,and the few high level helpers we are bringing are using group invites to help lost Gnomes as they can. I won’t do this for anyone, and please don’t ask anyone to, as they’ll wind up without anyone, and upset/stressed out at me.

If I get get lost/eaten/fall off/other problem on the run can someone help me?

If you ask in the chat channel /Gnomerun someone can try! I can't promise that someone will, but asking nicely might get you some help. Whispering me won’t get you anywhere very fast as I’m on a level 1, and cannot fly, summon or teleport you anywhere.

Try finding one of the helpers and ask them! There are a handful of them and a whole lotta Gnomes. Don’t stress if a spirit healer visit happens and you run back! Lots of people run into stuff along the way, so you’ll still be with the group!

Keep in mind, the whole idea behind winning isn’t getting there first, but simply making it to the end.


Can I level my character first or reuse my character from previous years?

Of course! We say roll a level 1, but it’s only a suggestion. You can use whatever character you would like. Some people roll Death Knights, but you have to be certain you’ve completed the starting zone because Arthas is clingy and won’t let go of our soul.  

The character only need be on the Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon Cluster. See the same answer about high level characters on Scarlet Crusade.

I only have a trial account, but I really want to tag along, is that okay?

YES! The only thing is that you cannot join the Gnome racing guilds. That’s okay though, because once the run starts, we turn off guild chat to help people not get so lost. You will still be able to tag along!

After the run just send us a message on social media with your name so we can headcount you. Do so in the half hour to hour afterwards if you can. 

I'm a Gnome on Scarlet Crusade, do I have to roll a new Gnome?

You don’t have to! There are many people from the Alliance who run along protecting our Tiny Gnomes!

If you want to feel festive: maybe change your hair color to pink, dress up pretty, get on a fancy mount, or help pick up Gnomes who get lost. The transmog options are endless!! Just run along with us. All of our Gnomies will appreciate the escort through the scarier parts of our trip!

If you ran along and didn’t join the Gnome racing guild, please send us a message on social media

Please remember, we cannot invite you cross realm.

I only have Hordies on Scarlet Crusade, and all of my character slots are full, or all of my characters on Scarlet Crusade aren’t Gnomes! 

We love, love, love our yearly Horde protectors! (Even if you help kill us during the after party!) Just send us a message on facebook/twitter/tumblr whatever and let us know how many of you guys are in your group! You can also roll a Gnome on Feathermoon.

Just keep in mind this is a peaceful event and try to avoid the Alliance cities like Duskwood if you belong to the Horde! It’s best to meet us outside the Stormwind Gates.

Also, keep in mind your ideas to Whirlwind, Rain of Fire, or whatever the Gnomes is impossible, as Scarlet Crusade is an RP realm.

I want to help with the run!

Tell your friends! Post this on your guild website! Come to the run! Like our facebook page and share it with your friends, reblog stuff from our tumblr! Tweet about it! Spread the word! Tell everyone you know! Change your guild’s tabards and tell people why!

Feel free to send a donation of the materials for a Pink Mageweave shirt to help clothe a brand new Gnome in need to Dravinna on Scarlet Crusade.

If you have another idea you can tweet at me @Dravvie, or leave me a message here. I’m open to ideas, but I like to keep the chaos to a minimum.

Is there an EU/Asia Realms Version?

Unfortunately no. Since we're using the Micro-holiday's set up, and the Gnome Run is an involved event that requires us in the starting zone off and on for 36 hours straight, we wouldn't have the time to pull off a second or third one in that time frame. 

If you are an EU player, you can download the US trial version and run along with us through if you wish to participate!

Can I stay in the guild afterwards? 

Yes! They’re not active guilds, but your Gnome will be waiting for you each year!

I can't attend, but will there be a stream/video? Can I stream it/make a video?

Not officially yet, but there’s always amazing videos created by the community members that we are happy to share.

If you are interested in streaming the run, please do! It’s a great way for people to partake even if they aren’t able to for a variety of reasons, and I’m super hype about people meeting and following content creators who care about the community.

However we must very firmly ask that you remove personal donation links from your Twitch or other streaming services during the run, and put up a link to our charity page for The Cleveland Clinic, so that other people do not think they are donating to a charity, when they are really donating to you.

Where are you guys running?

Wowhead made a video of the early PTR’s version of our race course!:  https://youtu.be/aqqwlJOl9DA


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