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Please make donation/shirt orders no later than Thursday, September 7th -that way the company has enough time to make all of the shirts.

Each shirt will cost a $10 donation fee. Sizes come in adult XS through adult 3XL. Sorry for the inconvienance, there are no child sizes. The adult XS is comparable to Youth M/L. The picture to the left is what shirt will look like. Additional monetary donations are welcome!

If you are doing the walk (September 23rd) or know you will see either me, Cameron or my parents the week of 9/17/17- then do not bother paying for shipping. I can hand them out at the event. Further details on where to meet prior to the walk will be communicated closer to the event on FB and caringbridge.

If you choose to do the St. Jude Walk/5k- click the link below and join TEAM EMILY.


IF NEEDING TO SHIP: I can only ship 2 shirts together in each package. There is a $7 shipping fee for each package. Please note that the shirt may not arrive to you in time for the St Jude Walk. I will not be shipping them until 9/22 at the latest. (example: if buying 2 shirts- pay for 1 package, if buying 3 shirts- pay for 2 packages please!!)

1st Step- Click "Donate Now". Under "Enter the Amount" put the total amount for shirts (and shipping if needed). You DO NOT need to join team in order to donate.

2nd Step- Please DO NOT make donation annonymous or else I will not know who is ordering.

3rd Step- It is your choice if you want to make your donation public or not. It does not matter either way.

4th Step- Under where it says "Personal Note" put your shirt size(s), how many of each size, and home address if you need it shipped. (I will be able to figure out how many shipment boxes are needed based on how many shirts you order).

**If anyone has any questions- you can email them to kristymryan@gmail.com


Dear Friends & Family

Emily is our 6 month old daughter with stage 2B Neuroblastoma. Emily receives her care at Cleveland Clinic Childrens. We have been so grateful for everything they have done for our family and for our little girl. We initially wanted to do a walk as a family supporting childhood cancer awareness. We signed up for the St. Jude Walk and wanted to make "Team Emily" shirts.

News spread about doing the walk and of course a numerous amount of Emily's supporters wanted to join in! After thinking things through on how grateful we have been for her care at the Cleveland Clinic- it was a no brainer that we wanted to fundraise to give back!

100% of the profits made from the shirts will go directly towards Cleveland Clinic Children's research and Child Life at the Cleveland Clinic.

Emily has utilized both resources in many ways. We want to give back so current and future children will receive the amazing care that our litte girl has received. Child life is solely funded through dontations only.

For those of you who do not know Emily's story- here is a link for my blog that I have written to keep everyone updated.


Here is the shortened version:

Emily is our extremely happy 6 month old daughter. When she was 1.5 weeks old a mass was found by ultrasound that further needed to addressed (she was origionally getting the ultrasound because of a right pelvic kidney diagnosed in utero). After numerous scans, blood draws and urine samples- we were told she had cancer. Emily was 4 weeks old at the time. She was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma under her left adrenal gland. The plan was to carefully watch, unless the tumor became too large or metastasized. When Emily was 12 weeks old- an MRI showed the tumor was too large which would require surgery. Emily had the tumor/adrenal gland successfully removed and found that it had metastasized to the surrounding lymph nodes. As of right now we are "carefully watching" to make sure that there is no more tumor regrowth. Emily does not require chemo at this time! Subsequently, from all of the trauma from her surgery, her left kidney is now failing. Emily sees her oncologist on a monthly basis at this time and is also being followed by a nephrologist. We are hopeful that the rest of this journey will just entail "carefully watching"!!

Please join us so together we can help support Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Thanks again for your support-

The Thorp Family

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