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Game 8 is ON!
Game 8 is ON!

Party's Still On

Dear Tribe Fans--

What a great season! What a great ride! Our American League Champion Indians showed the world their heart and we fans love them for it. Our fan support not only brings us together as a community, but is helping our community, too. Where but Cleveland can watching an away game be a giant group hug that raises money for children in need? Or where a fan's hand made sign on the home run porch becomes a rally cry that raises money for sick kids? Tribe fans raised over $300,000 for charity by attending the watch parties, and nearly $200,000 by purchasing "Party at Napoli" shirts. WOW!

As far as we fans are concerned, the "Party at Napoli's" is still on! A single run difference doesn't change a thing. We still have cause to celebrate and honor our team. We can show our support for our team and love for our community by donating to Cleveland Clinic Children's charity.

Let's challenge the Cubs fans to do the same for a charity of their choice. This is Game 8! Which group can raise more?


Your gift to Cleveland Clinic Children's will help transform healthcare for the young patients in our communities and across the world.

One idea can create a cure. One caregiver can change countless lives. And One gift can make a difference. The Power of Every One is the power of shared vision, generosity and effort. We can’t do this without you.

Please join me so together we can help support Cleveland Clinic Children's.

Thanks again for your support.

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