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Futsoc Alzheimer's Charity Cup

Dear Friends, Family and Co-Workers,

Thank you for coming to the page we’ve set up on behalf of Cleveland Clinic.

We are supporting Cleveland Clinic because of the great work they do in putting patients first, and because of the research they conduct to prevent and cure diseases. The soccer tournament we have organized is specifically dedicated to fighting Alzheimer's Disease, and the extensive research being done at Cleveland Clinic will benefit from every donation made here. 

The world renowned Neurological Institute at Cleveland Clinic is not only a leader in treating some of the most complex neurological diseases, but also a front runner in researching how these diseases develop, and how we can eventually cure them. 

To continue leading the transformation of healthcare, there are four strategic areas in which Cleveland Clinic seeks to invest resources and talent:

• Promoting Health - The transformation of medicine has to start with Patients First. With the help of philanthropy, they care for the whole patient: body, mind and spirit.

• Training Caregivers - Cleveland Clinic is committed to training the best and brightest caregivers of the future to ensure world-class healthcare for generations to come.

• Transforming Care - Cleveland Clinic has more technologies in development, but they need additional resources to speed these life-saving devices from the lab bench to their patients

• Advancing Discovery - Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute is exploring the most advanced ideas, however the Cleveland Clinic researchers need funds for pilot projects.

Each and every donation made to Cleveland Clinic through this page would truly make a difference in the substantial research being conducted at the Neurological Institute we seek to benefit. Please join us so together we can help support Cleveland Clinic.

Thanks again for your support.

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